Friday, June 18, 2010


I have been asking myself some of the following questions lately.

The first one is about blogging. The second--yet intertwined--one is about my career.

I am always conscious of getting too personal in my blog. It has less to do with creepy creepers and more to do with the fact that I am a really private person. That is part of the reason why I deleted my previous blog and kept this one mostly to pictures. I have thought about the post below for a while before I decided I was comfortable sharing.

Recently, I have been asking myself why I am blogging; on a surface level, certainly, it is to showcase my photography... but I am not a photographer, nor do I plan to be. I have dreams of either being a policy analyst/academic or an actress; the latter seems like a wild childhood fantasy but I actually have done some movies and plays in my time.
Photography in itself is not a vehicle through which I can achieve my goals. But it is a way in which I practice looking; looking and taking things in without passing judgement. It is also a way in which I can look at the world through different perspectives. But sometimes I feel like that is such a far-flung connection.
So what does this have to do with anything? Today is going to be a day of meditation and of beauty. Er, well, I need to return some books and movies to the library and I'm going to a fashion lecture, but it's also the Maori New Year (Matariki) and my Quaker meeting is holding a sleepover. I became a Quaker because of the way meditation centers me, and I always come out with a clearer picture of things at the end.

Hopefully, I can gain some direction in some aspect of something or... something.


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  1. i totally understand about the whole privacy thing. I really used to be like that, but blogging and following more of my hobbies helpsed me. And you are really mature about your careers, and it's awesome that even though you don't want to be a photographer, you still do it.
    see, i am JUST like that. I love ballet, but i never want it to be my career, I just enjoy doing it.
    thanks for the sweet comment! I will miss reading your posts for a while, but will definitely pick back up after i'm back!