Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tabula Rasa

Some photos from nature (or in some cases, nature telling architecture what's up) from my time in Australia and New Zealand.

Every night the sunset in the bay of Wellington just astounds me. It's like a reminder of where I am, both literally and in life, and about the supremacy of nature and how small I am in everything I do.
Pond by the Sydney Harbour in Australia. I just love this.
Vines in the Karori Sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand
Karori Sanctuary

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  1. beautiful photos!!
    and thanks for the comment! I am going to maryland actually for this camp. Then I am going to the beach. I think I can get internet at the beach but I think that they will take my computer at the camp! Ahh which kills me!
    But thanks for the advice, I probably will schedule them, I just feel bad that I can't respond you know? ):

    oh and I can't wait to hear about the lecture! That's gonna be super interesting and really great!