Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pigeons are People too

In New Zealand, pigeons seem to think they are people. I had some trouble with the colouring so I left it mostly as is instead of editing them. I was inspired by the last one and tried to sort of wash the colour out of most of them but eventually I amped up the colour in some... That's enough from me!

Edit: In fact, I only like the last one. Think of the other ones as Simon And Garfunkel-inspired warmups for it. I hear 'old friends' in my head the entire time and then the last one jars it.

This guy on the left was shaking his face and got rather blurry.

These were in the Wellington Train station. The pigeons live there and most don't have feet (like the lad on the right).
This one reminds me of 'old friends' by simon and garfunkel.
Ilike the awkwardness of this one. Kind of reminds me now of this image by photographer Barrie Hullegie (Marjorie Conrad is the model)--not because it looks similar but because it makes me feel the same as I do when I look at the one above.

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