Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mama Robin

I finally wrangled up my Mama Robin photos. Did you know that Robins lay blue eggs? I thought that was bluejays...

This is a photo of Mama Robin (right) intimidating some crows that want to eat her eggs. They've been around for a few days but every couple of hours she takes a dive at them. She is fierce.

The most beautiful shade of blue ever came out of a bird's box.
Here's a (technically poor) photo I snuck of Mama right before she dived at my head.

I wish Mama Robin luck with her 4 eggs. I also wish she would stop attacking me.


  1. Well I definitely like the third photo. All of your work I've seen displays a nice use of negative space and that seems to be a strong point in your style. If you've got photoshop or access to it I'd use it to help add some contrast to your work because while they all look nice a little contrast and saturation would really help them pop!

  2. I too have robins in my garden, I'm pleased to say. They are a couple & feed happily on the grain I put out for them. Not sure where they are nesting but they visit me daily & I love them to bits.
    I love your photo of the lovely blue robins eggs. I hope my pair have little chicks too :)